Elenco dei prodotti per la marca EnerSys

EnerSys è un produttore di batterie per applicazioni industriali, di backup, solar e per i settori Ferroviario, Oil&Gas, Aerospaziale e Difesa.



Their brands for motive power include: Hawker, Ironclad, General Battery, Fiamm Motive Power, Enforcer, Legacy. Material handling equipment, ranging from small walk-behind trucks in food stores, to massive narrow aisle equipment in the most advanced logistics hubs, represents a large and growing industry. These markets are supported by global trade, advanced supply chains, and further migration from internal combustion engine trucks to battery powered trucks. The shift towards more electric trucks is supported by further expansion with AC drives and battery developments like low maintenance designs, fast-charge technology, unique energy packs like Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries and lithium-ion solutions.


Their brands for reserve power are as follows: Powersafe, Datasafe, Cyclon, Genesis. Dependence on continuous power has never been more critical with integrated networks and systems, yet worldwide investments in power generation and distribution continue to lag behind the growing demand. The Reserve Power products are based on several technologies: lead, nickel and lithium-ion. They also offer fuel cells. In response to ever-evolving telecommunication networks’ technologies and ever-challenging operating conditions, EnerSys has launched the ground-breaking EON Technology to enhance the cyclic performance without any detrimental effect on product service life.

Specialty Markets

EnerSys is also involved in some specialty markets such as: Aerospace and Defense, Rail Solutions, Racing and Power Sports (Odyssey),and the Mining Industry.

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