Tax breaks Italy

Throughout 2018 in Italy it is possible to take advantage of the 50% tax deduction for building renovations.

Among the jobs allowed to benefit from the subsidy are those made to achieve energy savings such as photovoltaic systems and storage systems.

We clarify by answering the question of one of our readers who wants to know more.

Among the jobs that are allowed to benefit from the deduction of personal income tax (IRPEF) at 50% until 31 December 2018, the Revenue Agency lists in its online guide on restructuring also the interventions made to achieve energy savings, with particular regarding the installation of plants based on the use of renewable energy sources.

For example, the installation of a photovoltaic or storage systems for the production of electricity is part of the facilitated work, as it is based on the use of the solar source and, therefore, on the use of renewable energy sources. To take advantage of the deduction it is however necessary that the system is installed to meet the energy needs of the house, ie for domestic use, lighting, power supply of electrical appliances, etc. and, therefore, that the same is placed directly at the service of the 'homes. These interventions can be carried out even in the absence of construction works properly so-called, acquiring suitable documentation that certifies the achievement of energy savings in application of the current legislation in this area.

With regard to the necessary documentation, it is sufficient to keep the documentation proving the purchase and installation of the system in the service of a residential building, while a specific certification of the amount of energy savings deriving from the installation of the photovoltaic or storage systems.

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