New decree "Agrisolare Park" 2023

New call for photovoltaic systems on production facilities in the agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial sectors

The objective of the measure is to support investments in solar electricity production facilities in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector by excluding soil consumption, increase the energy self-sufficiency of the agricultural sector and increase the Italian photovoltaic park to contribute to the decarbonisation of energy production.

This measure provides for support for investments in agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial production facilities in order to remove and dispose of existing roofs and build new insulated roofs, create automated ventilation and/or cooling systems and install solar panels and intelligent flow and accumulator management systems.

News and advantages of the Agrisolare 2023 call:

• Doubling of the installed power of the photovoltaic system without land consumption (1 MW);

• Doubling of the maximum eligible expenditure for systems for storage and recharging of electric vehicles;

• Increase in the grant to agricultural enterprises;

• Elimination of the self-consumption constraint in several cases;

• Introduction of the new concept of shared self-consumption

About 1 billion euros are still available that will be allocated with the upcoming measures, now in the phase of approval by the European Commission to be followed by the publication of the tender.

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