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Nuovo Monoblocco 12V 150Ah VRLA GEL 12 ANNI

Monoblocco 12V 150Ah VRLA GEL 12 ANNI


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Batterie al Pb VRLA serie HZY con tecnologia GEL Vita di progetto 12 anni Capacità 155,60 Ah(C20) @ 10,5Vpc 20°C dimensioni mm 482,00x 170,00 x 242,00 peso kg 44,30

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Scheda tecnica

Made inPRC
Altezza (m)0,242
Larghezza (m)0,482
Profondità (m)0,17
Peso (kg)44,3
Tensione nominale della batteria (V)12


The Haze HZY - GEL range covers Ah capacities from 7Ah to 230Ah (C10) with dimensions
suitable for racking systems for maximum space utilisation.
Specially designed racks and cabinets are available with cables and connectors to suit.
GEL is especially suited for non-premium sites with medium to frequent outage rates and
non-climate controlled environments, for less extreme temperature variations and reduced
cyclic demands please consult the Haze HZB - AGM range.
Haze facilities are fully accredited to ISO 14001 and the management system fully accredited to ISO 9001.


Nominal Voltage6 & 12 Volts
Design Life12 Years
Operating Temperature-20 °C to 50 °C
Grid alloyCalcium / Tin lead alloy
PlatesFlat Pasted
SeparatorMicroporous Duroplastic
Active materialVery high purity lead
Case and coverABS (VO on request)
Charge VoltageFloat 2.27 - 2.30 VPC @20 °C Cycling 2.4 @20 °C Max. 2.4 VPC Max ripple 3.5% Charge V
ElectrolyteSulphuric acid Analytical grade purity Venting Valve EPDM Rubber 1.5 to 2 psi (10.5 - 14 KPa) release pressure. Resealing at 1 psi (7 KPa)
TerminalVarious types Epoxy sealed by extended mechanical paths
Torque settingThe recommended torque value for all types is 5-7 Nm
CablesInsulated cables / connectors supplied on request

Haze Battery Company keenly encourages environmental awareness; PLEASE follow guidelines for the recycling /disposal of lead.

Innovative Features

Designed to meet the needs of UPS and other applications where power outages are frequent and a cyclic UPS battery is required.

+ Completely maintenance free, sealed
+ Construction eliminates the need for watering
+ Electrolyte will not stratify.
+ Increased durability and deep cycle ability for heavy demand applications
+ Special formation process
+ Gelled thixotropic electrolyte
+ Spill proof / leak proof
+ Valve regulated Max internal pressure 2.5 psi
+ Multi-position usage
+ Multi-cell container
+ ABS Case and cover - V0 on request
+ Low self discharge
+ Utilising the latest in European technology
+ FAA and IATA approved as non-hazardous


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