Kit IBRIDOcasa ED 15kWh(C5) inverter 3kVA@25°C single phase 1 MPPT 3000Wp

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EXTRA TIME 11 YEARS batteries daily use 365 days a year, d.o.d. 30% (C5) @ 25 ° C
without modules or
3kW LG NeON ™ 2 forms or
3kW standard modules 250Wp
including structures (select)

Nominal capacity 15 kWh (C5)
Voltage 48 Vdc
An independent MPPT input 70A
3000VA 6000W max continuous power
if you consume all the stored energy the system switches

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598 kg
Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks

Data sheet

Made in Italy
Altezza (m) 1400
Larghezza (m) 1020
Profondità (m) 800
Peso (kg) 548
Tipo Extra Durata
N. inseguitori MPP / Ingresso per MPPT da 1 a 2
Tensione nominale della batteria (V) 48
Valore di Capacità C5
Sistema elettrico CA 230V monofase
Corrente nominale di carica (A) da 45A a 100A
Tensione fotovoltaica massima a vuoto (V) 150

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This kit, COMPLETE PV generator, installed in a home with nightly consumption around the 750-1250 kWh / year, allows you to be more autonomous 80% of the year.

All energy produced remains at your service.

How does a hybrid system?

The electricity created with solar panels,wind generator or microturbine is stored in special batteries and remains available until it is not consumed. if you consume all the stored energy the system switches to an other source of electrical energy, which can be electricity grid or a further example electromechanical generator. The system is called hybrid because it can choose and mix multiple sources of energy.

Backup power sources

This HYBRID system works even in case of blackouts, supplying electricity for all house. In the event of a natural magnet, disaster or war, you will remain independent for years, rationalizing energy.



Control unit Home Automation System RE01 IDEO-phase 5.4 kW, 2.25 kWp Photovoltaic Modules Polycrystalline 250Wp made in EU, Batteries OPzS 200, shelf 1 topped with pan space 1000x700 mm, off-grid inverter and 3kW MPPT charge controller.

Excluded: generators (wind turbines, turbines, etc.), Mounting systems, AC / DC panels, cables, cable trays and small parts.

All technical data are provided by the manufacturers and are subject to change without notice, for technical details please refer to the relevant product data sheets for download at

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